Shock pads for landscaping

SAFEBASE 15 mm is suitable for landscaping and sport. Because of the low density, this shock pad is perfect for playgrounds, gaming arenas, private gardens, public parks or any place with an artificial turf solution with a desire for optimum comfort.
SAFEBASE 15 mm shock pad gives you the ultimate base layer and the highest level of comfort combined with any artificial turf solution.

This shock pad is 15 mm thick and 1,45 x 30 meters long. In total each roll cover an area of 43,5 m2. 

It is made out of closed-cell polyethylene foam that offers several advantages.

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  • Optimal shock absorption and almost changeless performance during the entire lifetime
  • High drainage capacity and temperature stability
  • No water absorption
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Sustainable – long lasting, re-usable and recyclable

Optimal shock absorption

Safebase gives you a safe underlay with optimal shock absorption.

High drainage capacity

Safebase provides high drainage capacity.

High temperature stability

Safebase works well in all weather conditions.

Fast and easy installation

Easy and simpel system that makes the installation fast and easy.

Sustainable, long lasting, reusable solution

Safebase is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam which is a highly durable long lasting material.


We offer a 25 year limited warranty.